Will Ferrell has a review of the A+ Christmas Song as the ghost of a Christmas present in an energetic Apple TV Trailer+


Despite the fact that Halloween still reigns in the calendar of events, it seems that the holiday season is fast approaching. Gradually, the line of upcoming films will shift towards cozy novels, musical fun and comedic jokes associated with the happiest time of the year. Apple TV+ is certainly ready for this scenario, as the trailer for the streamer’s new movie “Soulful” touches on two of these pleasant points and even includes a reference to the A+ Christmas carol through the pleasant but ghostly Will Ferrell.

Co-writer/director Sean Anders, previously known for the films “Daddy’s House” and “Instant Family”, presented another modern interpretation of “A Christmas Carol” in this streaming original. As we see in this first video released by Apple (opens in a new tab), we have a new Scrooge in the character of Ryan Reynolds, Clint Briggs. The man will have to go through the usual odyssey of personal changes through ghostly intervention, including with the Ghost of a Christmas gift (Will Ferrell).

However, Spirited adds another fun element, in addition to the musical machinations with tap dancing, which you can read about in the official synopsis below:

Every Christmas Eve, the Ghost of a Christmas Gift chooses one dark soul to be transformed by the visit of three spirits. But this season he chose the wrong Scrooge. Clint Briggs turns the tables with his ghostly host until the Present finds itself revisiting its past, present and future. For the first time, “A Christmas Carol” is told from the point of view of ghosts in this hilarious musical interpretation of the classic Dickens fairy tale.

If that wasn’t enough, Spirited boasts Academy Award winners such as Octavia Spencer in its lineup, and songwriters “The Greatest Showman” Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who wrote the melodies. This is a lot of interesting components that are included in what can become a potential favorite of the future holiday. Of course, for all of this to work, you need a pair of leads that share a special chemistry.

Spirited will be released in a limited edition in theaters starting on November 11. Meanwhile, those of you who have an Apple TV+ subscription will be able to stream the movie from November 18.

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