‘Fenty’ is the clothing brand of singer Rihanna, she has put all her creativity in it and is reflected by the fact that the original from Barbados has always been considered a ‘fashion icon’

In addition to clothing, the brand has a line of makeup, accessories and lingerie, the releases and collections of ‘Fenty’ have always been sold in record time demonstrating the quality and positioning of the brand within the world of fashion.

The only store that has ‘Fenty’ is in London and its personality is unique, with elegant airs. With these features Kai fans are trying to promote an idol collaboration with Rihanna’s creations. Wow!

Kai is a fashion lover and always reflects on his way of dressing, the idol has broken many stereotypes, wearing female bags, crop tops and heels. Under this style, Jongin fans argue that this would be a great achievement in his modeling career. For the EXO dancer, the world of high fashion is no stranger, since he has collaborated with other brands such as Gucci, Vogue and GQ as a model, carrying out a campaign making a series of films called ‘The Performers Act’.


With the hashtag #FENTYxKAI, fans are sending a series of messages to the brand and the idol to get in touch and start the creative process of collaboration.

It is not the first time that the hashtag #FENTYxKAI is a trend, in 2018, through the account of ‘Fenty Beauty’ on Twitter they published a message that said:

‘Okay, we’ll see. We will send you a DM #FENTYxKAI ’

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