Will Epic Games Store Continue Distributing Free Games?


Will Epic Games Store continue to distribute games in 2020? Apparently the answer to this question is ‘Yes’.

Since its launch in 2018, Epic Games Store has consistently pursued two tactics: special games and free games. However, many Epic Games Store users no longer benefit from these services. Nevertheless, Epic seems to continue to distribute free games in 2020.

The beginning of 2020 had already begun by distributing Darksiders, Darksiders II and Steep. Even though these games are not current games, they offered the opportunity to add them to their libraries. This opportunity was also a gold mine for those who compared the price of play with the time he played.

Will Epic Games Store achieve its goal:
Of course, players who want to take advantage of this and many more free games must download the Epic Games Store to their computer. But the company still hasn’t been able to add many things that are expected and should be for the platform. Today, the platform has become a place where players can only play Fortnite and distributed games.

If you remember the big game makers EA and Ubisoft, they tried free game tactics on Origin and Uplay platforms. While the EA did not distribute free games as often as the Epic Games Store, it did distribute interesting games such as Dead Space and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Even Battlefield 3 was free at the time.

However, EA’s free game distribution service via Origin was terminated in 2018. In fact, if you look at the company’s agreement with Valve, the EA has given up on the Origin platform, where it is trying to rival Steam.

Epic Games, on the other hand, seems uncertain about whether to continue distributing free games. But according to many Epic fans, the company will continue to do so as long as it is necessary to distribute free games. So the company will probably continue to distribute free games throughout 2020.

It is important to note here: We are not against Epic Games distributing free games. We fear that this tactic, which was previously tried by different platforms, will fail in the same way. What do you think about Epic’s future?


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