Will Elizabeth II take away her royal privileges?


Meghan Markle and Harry are going to have to have a discussion with the Queen to see if their privileges remain in place for this year.

Almost a year later, the terms of the Megxit will be called into discussion. And this discussion will take place in January. The whole small family must therefore meet in a few days to discuss their privileges. Meghan Markle and Harry understood.

For the moment, the couple therefore have the right to live elsewhere than in the United Kingdom. It’s been almost a year since the two left the family to live their little life in the United States. And everything is going for the best. Archiver’s mom even went to vote.

Which had caused yet another scandal. So this time, will Meghan Markle and Harry have all of their privileges removed? We won’t know until the end of this January discussion. But it could all be deleted.

Especially since the royal couple haven’t even come for Christmas. What surprised the British. So in March we will know what will happen to Archie’s parents. Financially, the couple must now support themselves in their new country.


At the moment, Meghan Markle and Harry have the right to sue profitable businesses. But also had the obligation to be financially independent. Which wasn’t a problem considering the actress was signing a big Netflix deal.

In the magazine Express, a poll has just been released among the British. He was asking if the Queen should withdraw privileges from Meghan Markle and Harry. And 96% of readers answered “yes”. And only 1% said “not knowing”.

To the British it therefore seems logical that the Sussexes no longer have privileges knowing that they no longer live in the United Kingdom. They would therefore have to leave the royal family altogether by becoming ordinary American citizens. Case to follow in March.


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