Will Ed and Kelly from “Orville” get back together? Seth MacFarlane explains


In the third season of “Orville: New Horizons” makes some leaps in the narrative and really relies on serious storylines that expand the storylines of its characters. Among such achievements, viewers may wonder if there will be any important events at the end of the season for the crew members, such as Ed Mercer and Kelly Grayson, who showed temporary flashes when it seemed that they could revive the romantic feelings they shared after their divorce, which happened before the events of the show. Fans have long wondered if they would ever get back together, and Seth MacFarlane shared his opinion on this in a recent interview.

Kelly Adrianne Palicki and Ed MacFarlane have not made significant progress in promoting their relationship on a romantic level in the third season of “Orville”, and may well remain so. Speaking to TVLine, Seth MacFarlane revealed how he changed the direction of the characters’ story in this regard, and that he had a good reason for doing so. According to him:

It was originally supposed to be a “Will they/won’t they” thing. There are many people who think that this idea of a divorced couple who can coexist, be friends, work together and have a normal civilized relationship is much deeper than two people we want to fall in love with again… So. I’ve been playing on that lately — they have this past and they have this connection to each other, but there’s something powerful about their ability to work as partners, even considering all that.

Ed and Kelly have a great dynamic as captain and first officer, and it looks like it will stay that way in Orville: New Horizons. Seth MacFarlane gave no indication that he intended to bring them back together, and since the chances of Season 4 largely depend on the loyal audience of anyone with a Hulu subscription, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to maintain their current momentum until the end. soap opera.

With that said, Seth MacFarlane and the cast of “Orville: New Horizons” didn’t reveal anything that could be considered a spoiler in this latest season. In this regard, there is a certain probability that fans will see some kind of romantic development between Ed and Kelly before the end of the season, even if it does not turn into something long-term and permanent. Since MacFarlane isn’t too keen to hand out more information before the upcoming episodes air, we just need to keep faith in anticipation.

Orville has certainly been privy to romances between his walls before, though not so much with Ed and Kelly. Lamarr and Talla have recently entered into a passionate (and painful) relationship, and there is a chance that we will see their further development in the future if they can overcome one big obstacle and that Lamarr will be featured in more episodes.

As for Ed and Kelly, there is some speculation that Ed may face fatal consequences, given that Seth MacFarlane and his co-star Scott Grimes are working together on a series about Ted. This, combined with the fact that “Orville: New Horizons” could be the last season of the series if Hulu refuses to renew, slightly increasing the chances that we won’t see the crew together after this season, in a romantic or other relationship. . Hulu initially chose the series because of loyal viewing on the platform, so it seems that season 4 is quite possible. In short, fans of Kelly and Ed still have hope, even if Seth MacFarlane likes what he’s doing with the characters right now.

“Orville: New Horizons” is broadcast on Hulu on Thursdays. Season 3 is by far the best season to date, so now is the right time to tune in and see how this season ends. Personally, I’m hoping for many more seasons with Ed and the team, but I can’t deny that I’m a little worried about what’s going to happen as the war with Kaylon continues.