Will E.T. 2 Ever? Elliot Actor Henry Thomas responds


Henry Thomas explains why the E.T. Aliens sequel will most likely never happen. Steven Spielberg’s classic movie “The Alien”. sees the then 9-year-old Thomas as a star in only his second film as Elliot, a boy who forms a strong bond with an alien stranded on Earth. The Alien surpassed George Lucas’ original Star Wars and became the highest-grossing film of all time in 1982 (before being usurped by Spielberg’s own Jurassic Park in 1993).

Almost 40 years after the alien’s tearful farewell, on Thanksgiving 2019, the aliens left home again. The character returned in a Comcast Xfinity Home for the Holidays commercial. The 4-minute commercial depicts a technologically advanced gift (benefiting from this first meeting) where the grown-up Elliot has a family, but he still feels close to his alien friend and rides a bike well. When the ad aired, many thought it was a teaser for E.T. sequel. Despite the fact that this is not the case, some still wonder if it is ever possible to explore this concept.

In a recent interview ComicBook.com Thomas, 50, was asked about the successful sequels of films from previous years, such as “The Best Shooter: Maverick,” and what they might mean for an Alien. According to Thomas, it is unlikely that Spielberg himself will ever visit E.T. again, since the Comcast Xfinity ad is the closest audience that will see the reunion of E.T. and Elliot. Read the full quote below:

“Over the years, there have been ideas that have been discussed for many years. At the beginning there were serious negotiations, because the studio really insisted on it in order to build on the success of the 1982 season… That’s why the ad, I think Spielberg approved the ad. because it’s as close to a sequel as he’s willing to go, as far as he’s willing to admit. The reaction to this Xfinity video was so overwhelming that people thought it was a sequel teaser that caused a huge, huge stir on the internet. I don’t know if it went through the Internet.”

Since the release of E.T., many details have been revealed regarding its potential sequel. For example, the original ending of the Alien created a sequel with a final scene, panning which shows a working communicator, which would imply Elliot and the Alien. still in touch. However, the scene was eventually cut because the goodbye between Elliott and I.T. turned out to be a much more powerful way to end the film. Spielberg and Melissa Matheson wrote the treatment for the alien. a sequel called E.T. II: Nocturnal Fears, which follows Elliott and his friends as they are abducted by aliens and rescued by aliens. In the end, Spielberg rejected the idea because he felt it would betray the purity of the original. Nevertheless, the author of the novelization of the Alien, William Kotsvinkl, wrote a sequel, The Alien: The Book of the Green Planet, which takes place on the home planet of the protagonist, Brodo Asogi.

Thomas’ partner in the film Drew Barrymore also said that there will never be a big screen E.T. sequel. While a sequel or reboot likely won’t see the night sky without Spielberg’s approval, the spirit of the film lives on in nostalgic projects like “Very Strange Things,” which revived interest in 80s pop culture. Given the pressure that can come with creating an E.T. sequel, and the chance to tarnish the legacy of the original, it might be better if the titular alien stays home this time.