Will Dwayne Johnson quit acting?


Dwayne Johnson reveals that he wants to return to WWE but has a special condition for it

Dwayne Johnson had his first wave of fame thanks to the WWE, and it seems that the ex-wrestler has a desire to return to his origins but with a special condition for his return.

The Ringside News site confirmed that Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock will not participate in WrestleMania this year as he had planned since 2020 shortly before the hit of the COVID pandemic. 19.

Apparently Dwayne Johnson does not want to participate in WrestleMania matches if there is no live audience since a socially estranged match is not his style, according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio.

“I know how Dwayne’s brain works on these things … I guess because of how he grew up and all that, the idea of ​​fighting in front of 100,000 people means a lot to him.”

When will Dwayne Johnson return to WrestleMania?

According to the reports obtained by Somagnews, the following editions of WrestleMania will arrive in Hollywood until 2023, while it will be in Texas in 2002, so Dwayne Johnson will return to the fights in two years.

The wrestler-turned-actor has no desire to join WrestleMania until a large audience is possible, and as Dave Meltzer reported on his desire to have an audience of 100,000, “this year whatever the number is, it won’t come close ”.

At the moment, the organizers of WrestleMania believe that the editions of 2022 and 2023 can be carried out relatively normally but “there are other things that are more important than Wrestlemania that could get in the way.”


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