Will double the frame rate of backward games like Fallout 4


Backward compatibility with previous generations of Xbox will also add an automatic HDR effect in all games.

Microsoft has not put aside its legacy in video games. The North American company has placed special emphasis on backward compatibility, a key functionality within its strategy of blurring the concept of generations. Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will harness their power to bring new life to Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One titles, with enhancements ranging from automatic HDR mode to the ability to double the framerate on select games. This has been detailed by those from Redmond in a new publication on their website.

“Many improvements are the result of the custom-designed processor,” which allows these games to take advantage of the CPU, GPU and memory of the new consoles. “On top of this, the backward compatibility team has developed new methods to effectively double the framerate on select titles.” It will not be possible in all cases due to the animations and physics that were used at the time, but using “these new techniques”, the team has been able to redefine the gaming experience, to make it smoother. One of those titles is Fallout 4, which has gone from running at 30 FPS to running at 60 FPS on Xbox Series S.

Anisotropic filter x16 and Auto HDR

The improvements have already begun to be applied in Xbox One X, but the new generation machines will have a renewed 16x anisotropic filter, which will be activated “in almost all backward compatible games” so that players can enjoy the graphical improvements. “Backward compatibility works natively on Xbox Series X and S, running with the CPU, GPU and SSD at full power.” At Microsoft they remember that it is neither a boost mode nor downclocking, but “the full potential of the consoles in each and every one” of the compatible products. This includes, of course, reducing loading times.

As previously confirmed, Xbox has managed to add automatic HDR to backward compatible video games, and better yet, to all of them. “Auto HDR automatically adds HDR to games that were only released with SDR,” but without spoiling the artistic vision of the original studios. Also, as it works by hardware, it does not compromise the performance of any of the console components.


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