Will Disney buy DC Comics? This is what is known

Will Disney buy DC Comics? This is what is known. The creative gave some details of the activities of one of the biggest comic houses.

After it was reported that Dan DiDio left the ranks of DC Comics, Jim Lee recently spoke about the departure of the co-publisher and future plans of the company .

Jim Lee is now the sole publisher of DC Comi cs and having that, the media wanted to know what is next for the DC universe , the cartoonist said there were no current plans to find someone to supplant Dan .


“DC has been around for 85 years, we will exist for another 85 years, I hope to be doing this panel in 85 years.”

I talk about that for a long time they have been working hand in hand with Warner Bros, that DC Comics are focused on making more interesting and creative publications for the public, I also mention that: ‘creativity is the engine of all movies, television, the cartoons we do ‘


Jim Lee also specified that his intention is basically to follow his work as editor and continue with the support of his creative team , joined end to this, they are looking to create more characters , more diverse and interesting.

This discards the idea of Disney absorbing DC Comics.

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