When will the coronavirus end? New research!


New research on the Corona virus continues to draw attention. The number of new types of Corona virus (COVID-19) cases has reached nearly 2 million worldwide. According to the result of the research conducted by Hong Kong researchers on COVID-19 patients, when will the Corona virus end?

Hong Kong researchers: Corona virus will take longer
Research on the lung tissue sample of new types of corona virus patients in Hong Kong revealed that the Corona virus produces three times more pathogens than SARS.

According to the report in the South China Morning Post, a study was conducted at the University of Hong Kong on the examination of the lung tissues of COVID-19 patients.

According to the results of the research, it was revealed that the new type of Corona virus can be derived close to one hundred times in 48 hours, this number is between 10 and 20 for SARS. It was also stated that COVID-19 caused slower immune and respiratory responses than the SARS virus.

According to the statement of Yuen Kwok-Yung, one of the doctors conducting the research, there is no way to control the Corona virus until July.

Scientists said that symptoms of low severity or invisible symptoms make it difficult to control the virus, so precautions should be continued.

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