Will Colleen Wing become the new Iron Fist after season 2?


In the second season of “Iron Fist“, the possibility of a new Iron Fist in the form of Colleen Wing appeared. It was a season dedicated to choosing who decided to own a Fist and why. The season solved the problems of what many considered to be Netflix’s worst Marvel show, and dramatically upped the ante for a third season that never came out. Throughout his run, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) struggled with the power bestowed upon him, and his conflict with his brother Davos taught him that he was not ready to continue to wield the power of the Fist. When Davos successfully gained this power through an elaborate and elaborate ritual, it seemed that everything could be lost.

For this reason, Danny handed over power to Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), a longtime ally and soldier of the Hand, in the season finale. Fans were overjoyed to see Wing accept the Fist, as her arch with Misty Knight was considered one of the best parts of the show. Her warrior skills have already been proven, but it was her defeat in Davos that finally earned her the mantle in this unexpected turn of events.

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It was obvious that Jessica Henwick, the star of many films and shows, was destined to remain the new Iron Fist, with or without Finn Jones. The fact that the Fist has manifested in its own color suggests the possibility that it has a completely new set of powers, different from what was seen before. However, the cancellation of this moderately received Netflix show and all of Marvel’s Netflix properties left a lot up in the air, and fans were clamoring for answers about who would be brought back in the new Disney shows and whether their storylines could be as compelling as what came before.

Henwick herself expressed mixed feelings about the possibility of one of the Marvel Netflix actors returning to the MCU. In a recent interview (via Syfy Wire), she stated that she is “torn” about reprising her role in Iron Fist as she is “passionate about her story” but “just wants it to have a happy ending.” She feels that this is where Wing stayed after she teamed up with Misty Knight and began a journey to find herself with this new strength and responsibility that is associated with her.

Nevertheless, it can be argued that the finale of “Iron Fist” left Colleen Wing in a better position for her own spin-off. Kevin Feige commented that some actors will reprise their roles in the future, so the question arises whether Colleen Wing or Danny Rand will be able to return in any capacity. However, with Wing, her character may have had more potential. In the comics, she formed the Daughters of the Dragon, who were created by the Defenders and have the ability to separate from the Marvel series that received the least favorable critical reviews. Although Iron Fist season 2 deviated from the comics by empowering her, the opportunities given to her by becoming the new Iron Fist could cause interesting friction between her and Misty Knight as the Daughters of the Dragon.