Will Chicago, the police Preparing for the departure of Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead? Showrunner sheds light


Gwen Seegan of the Chicago Police shed light on what the future holds for Halstead.

Despite the fact that in all three NBC One Chicago shows, exciting moments had to be resolved and questions had to be answered after their premiere on September 21, the biggest news about the franchise after the break was that Jesse Lee Soffer was leaving the Chicago Police. after ten seasons. There are few official details about when, why and how Halstead left, but CinemaBlend spoke to PD. Showrunner Gwen Seegan on whether the police drama will really develop before he leaves.

Gwen Seegan spoke with CinemaBlend about the new season, including how “messy” the dynamic between Voight, Upton and Halstead will be, as well as what the new Season 10 theme means for the various Exploration characters. In light of Soffer’s impending departure, I asked for a policeman. showrunner, if Halstead’s output will consist of several or more episodes contained in one. She shared:

Chicago PD is less serialized than “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago Med,” so there was no guarantee that season 10 would be built the way Halstead left. While the show set the stage for Lindsay and Antonio’s departure in earlier seasons, for Rojas, that wasn’t the case between the end of season 7 and the beginning of season 8. However, P.D. says goodbye to Halstead, he won’t come out of nowhere.

It should be interesting to compare how Chicago PD season 10 says goodbye to Jesse Lee Soffer as Halstead, how Chicago Fire said goodbye to Jesse Spencer as Casey at the beginning of season 10 last year. Their stay at One Chicago will be about the same, especially in light of the fact that Soffer debuted in Fire before P.D. even premiered. Fire spent a few episodes on Casey’s last storyline before he left; what would a PD build look like to Halstead’s swan song?

Of course, the more pressing question that worries many fans may be how exactly Halstead will bow out, since some possibilities are more tragic than others. This is not unprecedented for the Chicago police. to kill even long-time regular customers of the series, as viewers saw Olinsky’s death at the end of season 5. and even his brother from Chicago Med that it’s hard to imagine the reasons why he would have left them without being killed.

However, “hard to imagine” does not mean “impossible to imagine”! It is quite possible that Halstead will simply leave intelligence and continue to work as a police officer behind the scenes, although this is not my best option. My favorite theory is that he is returning to the army for some kind of mission that takes him off-screen, which may explain why he abandoned his wife and brother without killing him.

Since the season 10 premiere caused discontent and the upcoming “consequences” in the intelligence involving Halstead, Upton and Voight, in the coming weeks, it seems that many more reasons why he will leave will be established. So far we can only guess, and fans can hope for the best for the character. Gwen Seegan believes that the fans will understand after all!

Tune in to NBC on Wednesdays at 22:00. ET for new episodes of Chicago P.D. The 10th season, following “Chicago Fire” (in which Upton participated in the premiere for a key reason) at 21:00. and Chicago Med (which marked the beginning of Crockett’s main storyline with the departure of a large cast) in 20:00. ET in the schedule of the TV premiere of 2022.


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