How Will Businesses Shine On Dark Data?


Today, we all know that all parts of the business world are full of data. The internet is at the heart of this data. Internet users share more than 2.5 million content on Facebook every minute, tweet more than 350,000, and send over 204 million text messages. So, what dangers can the data in this volume pose if it is not controlled properly?

There are two content control tools companies need to build their digital foundations: Endpoint security and IT management. Failure of a company to manage its data assets causes many problems. Data incompatibility, legal issues, problems about production and storage costs are a few of them.

The part that can be called dark data is defined as the information that organizations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but is not generally used. In fact, it is quite possible to ensure that the dark data that can be taken under control does not harm the works.

So how?
Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is to protect data and prevent spreading. We can say that the content spreading part occurs when the data is not stored correctly. The companies are also in the hands of various auxiliary tools to be used to prevent spreading. For example, the active use of IT-approved online storage tools such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive can both create a common folder and restrict access between files. However, when a person leaves work, the same files can be easily accessed by other employees, which may create security gaps for companies.

Content dissemination can be a financial burden
Sometimes things go wrong when things go wrong. In such cases, keeping all the files and servers owned by the company safe is very important to save time and money. In other words, increasing the scope of the audit in normal flow always benefits companies.

Data editing factor
It is also important for organizations to keep the current business system under control to deal with the dark data problem. Network monitoring systems to be used to see what or what is being accessed are very helpful in providing clear information. We think that controlling the possibilities of leaking information, loss or being placed in other areas will contribute to the improvement of this issue.

In other words, not using IT-approved tools and insecure servers that can cause information to be stolen can clearly be said to contribute to the job of storing data safely.

Shedding light on dark data
Let us come to the point where the dark data is illuminated. Here, too, it seems that the companies will focus on the need to securely manage their content with a central system to reduce lost or stolen data. However, it is not yet clear how exactly the increasing amount of data will be controlled day by day.

If we look at the experts’ description, following the information lifecycle procedures can also help manage and secure data. Instead of keeping data on expensive hard drives, companies can move and manage them to cheaper storage known as cold storage. We will continue to convey new news to you on this subject, which is still in progress.


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