Will BTS collaborate with J Balvin and Bad Bunny?


BTS’s J-Hope and Suga will reportedly collaborate on a new song with J-Balvin and Bad Bunny called “BADDIE.”

The news emerged on October 17, when someone discovered in Genius, an official page for the lyrics and background of the songs of thousands of artists, a song called “BADDIE” where J Balvin and Bad Bunny are placed as the artists who will appear in this song led by J-Hope.

But that’s not all, the information also includes Suga as a producer, the BTS member who is making her own name as a music producer and who is not surprising has collaborated with her great friend Hobi. In addition, Bad Bunny update accounts are already publishing the collaboration.

As we have mentioned in Somagnews, the date set for the premiere of this song is October 30, 2020 so we will have to wait to see if it is real or not, but if it is, probably in a week or a little more track information, a trailer, teaser or something like that is revealed.

However, many ARMY are not convinced and it is said that the rumor is false, whether or not it is true, BTS fans are going crazy at the possibility of this crossover and have made J-Hope a trend around the world, both for this supposed collaboration as for her way of being and her talent.

J-Hope and Suga became a trend after the news

After the possibility that the song “BADDIE” is by J-Hope along with Bad Bunny and J Balvin leaks, thousands of fans were excited on social networks and expressed that they would be disappointed if this was not true, but many others they believed the opposite.

Bad Bunny is a somewhat controversial figure since he has often been branded as macho for the lyrics of his songs, as well as for having appeared at the PornHub awards, an adult video company.

Ademdas Bad Bunny has been accused of “profiting” with the feminist movement by putting phrases like “Ni Una Más” in his music video and dressing as a woman, but without helping the movement financially or politically.

For his part, J Balvin has also been criticized for the messages his songs give, as well as for recently making fun of Shakira and making sexual advances about her, which even the reggaeton artist Maluma found rude and attacked him saying that “That’s not funny at all” .

For these reasons many ARMYs prefer that J-Hope and Suga not associate with these singers. However, it is most likely that the young musicians of BTS have no idea of everything they have against the two reggaetoneros.


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