Will BTS cancel their world tour? BigHit talks about it


Will BTS cancel their world tour? BigHit talks about it. The company’s response seems flattering but has not left fans alone.

Due to the increase in cases of coronaviruses in Korea, the government of that country transformed the health measures they had taken into stricter ones in order to avoid further contagion.

Among the measures implemented, was the cancellation of all events that brought together large groups of people, therefore, several groups and artists from different entertainment areas canceled or postponed their concerts, fan meetings and other similar activities where they would meet with fans .


Even the music shows that the different television networks perform on a weekly basis have been carried out behind closed doors, so that neither idols nor fans have to expose themselves to contact with large groups of people.

One of the cancellations that have sounded the most are the dates that BTS had scheduled in Korea as part of Map of the Soul Tour 2020, the dates planned for the month of April would take place at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul however Big Hit Entertainment He announced that by security measures, gathering such a large number of people might not be a good idea.

The rest of the tour dates have remained as planned, however, more cases of Coronavirus have appeared in different parts of the world , which led fans to question whether they should also be canceled.

While many fans have waited long enough to see the most popular kpop group of the moment, there are also many who have exterminated their concern, for their own health and that of the BTS boys.

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Because of this, Big Hit Entertainment has received many questions about it , however, when they were recently asked if there would be modifications to the tour plans of the way it happened with the dates of Seoul, the answer was that they had nothing What to say about it . After that, fans have exchanged views and expressed their concerns through the networks , however, they hope that by the time of the tour, the rest of the countries have managed to control the damage caused by the viral infection.


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