Some fans have expressed their concern and, due to the spread of the virus, the group could take extreme measures.

The coronavirus continues to alert health organizations and the rest of the world population, because cases of infection continue to increase, WHO has not yet declared a public health emergency , but China continues to register patients with the disease and has quarantined the city of Wuhan .

But how does this affect the idol s and BTS ? Recently, the boys unveiled their 2020 tour and if the evolution of the virusIt worsens, the group would have to cancel their concerts to avoid getting infected and keeping the life and health of their fans safe .


Through social networks, ARMY has expressed concern about the new disease that has all researchers on alert. According to several portals, South Korea has already added its second case of coronavirus and although the boys are currently in the United States, there are already registered cases in that country .


The virus is transmitted from person to person and if a cure is not found or declared as a serious global epidemic, BTS would run the risk of infection if it decides to continue its tour, both in Asian countries and on other continents, the agglomeration of fans would also be a factor if this disease spreads rapidly.

So far, no artist or group has declared whether to cancel their future activities, but several fandoms have expressed their concern , as South Korea is close to Japan and China . It is not known what measures K-pop agencies will take to protect their artists, staff and fans in case the coronavirus continues to spread through various countries .


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