Will BLACKPINK’s Jisoo open her YouTube channel?


BLACKPINK idols are taking over YouTube with individual channel premieres, and Jisoo could be next.

Jisoo held a live broadcast to talk to her fans, and expectations for a video channel of the idol rose. She talks about her activities and plans.

Through the comments, some fans mentioned the YouTube channel that Rosé just launched and Jisoo said she saw her new video. Now all her colleagues have their own channel, but she argued that she had the V Live app to keep in touch with her followers.

So far the most active channel is LiliFilm, where Lisa shares dance video with surprising choreography. Jennie has posted a couple of vlogs with a dose of music and Rosé recently shared a bit of her story through her channel.

With these precedents, it is impossible not to imagine what a YouTube channel would be like under the command of Jisoo and the type of themes it would develop. In addition, the possibility of directing her own channel has increased, because now she is only missing among the BLACKPINK girls to launch a site for her videos. Can you imagine Jisoo as a youtuber?

The BLACKPINK member did not mention if she had plans to create videos in the near future, but fans of the group are already looking forward to this coming true, and we may soon have more news from Jisoo on YouTube.


The idol revealed that she had wanted to talk to her fans for a long time but had many activities that did not allow it, she considered leaving only a greeting message but when thinking about what would make her fans happier, she decided to do a live broadcast despite feeling somewhat tired.

Jisoo didn’t let this moment go without showing what a good friend she is, the singer has been filming the drama Snowdrop but admitted that during filming she was also talking to Rose to keep each other company even though they were working on individual projects.

Additionally, Jisoo asked BLINK to anticipate the release of Lisa’s photobook and showed her excitement for this project for her partner.

We also recently told you that Jisoo sent Rosé a sweet Gift for her solo debut, know what it’s about.


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