Will BLACKPINK be able to surpass BTS as a “K-pop Leader”? K-Media discusses the advantages of a women’s group


After BLACKPINK’s new exploits with their latest album “BORN PINK”, the band became the center of discussion among the Korean media regarding their ability to replace BTS as the current “K-pop leader of the next generation”.

BLACKPINK achieved a record that BTS has not yet achieved with their second studio album “BORN PINK”

After a long-awaited return to the music scene this year, BLACKPINK, who released their second full-length album “BORN PINK” on September 16, are constantly achieving numerous successes in national and international charts.

In particular, in addition to the interest of the general public, one of the determining factors for measuring the strength and influence of a group is its status in the music charts compared to foreign artists.

After the release of the quartet, BLACKPINK secured the status of “The largest female group in the world”, dominating the album charts in the USA and the UK.

Starting with the American Billboard, considered the best music chart in the world, BLACKPINK’s song “BORN PINK” debuted on the Billboard 200 chart for the first time on October 1.

This is a huge achievement because this is the first time a female K-pop group has topped the chart, not to mention that BLACKPINK are also the first female group in 14 years and five months after Danity Kane in the US in 2008 to achieve such success. heroic deed.

As of October 2, the “Whistle” singers continue to flaunt their presence, taking fourth place on the said chart this week, remaining at the top of the main Billboard chart for two weeks in a row.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK dominates not only the US Billboard, but also the official UK albums chart.

BLACKPINK’s album debuted at number 1 on the aforementioned chart, becoming the first K-pop idol to do so.

But their most notable achievement was that they took the first place in the weekly chart of the best songs of the global streaming site Spotify, which even BTS has not yet achieved. In particular, the album’s title track “Shut Down” took first place in the world chart, becoming the first K-pop song in the history of Spotify to achieve this.

K-Media singles out BLACKPINK as a group that will replace BTS as the “leader of K-pop”
On October 2, the Korean media YTN published an article that talked about the potential of BLACKPINK to become the No. 1 K-pop group.

Currently, this place belongs to BTS, who initially broke the barriers of the Western industry with their music and influence. But with members about to be drafted into the army and the band taking a temporary break to focus more on their solo careers, the industry is focused on whether they will be able to secure a place or be taken over by other k-pop groups.

Among the strong candidates, YTN noted BLACKPINK as a group that can surpass BTS, despite differences in style, musical concept and gender. Rosette summarized:

“BLACKPINK has a clear identity, not a grandiose view of the world. They sing and dance well and confidently demonstrate their best performances. They also have favorable conditions in the foreign market with global sentiment.”

In the context, if BTS attracted attention by forming a worldview with the help of such a narrative as “Boy’s Growth”, then BLACKPINK do not stand for the world of the metaverse, but for identity, that is, confidence.

BLACKPINK differ from the image of existing young idols and reflect the female image of a changing era.

Another difference is that while BTS console people by reflecting the emotions of “losers”, minorities and diversity through their music, BLACKPINK focus on flaunting their booty and winning the hearts of the global industry by presenting luxury brands abroad.

The songs released by BTS have a lot of Korean lyrics, as well as inner emotions. But unlike the male group that first formed a fandom in Korea, BLACKPINK had favorable conditions for the global market from the very beginning.


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