Will Bitcoin Price Continue to Fall?


Will Bitcoin Price Continue to Fall? According to a survey on social media, most crypto investors think Bitcoin price will continue to fall .

Josh Rager, one of the most well-known commentators of the crypto money community, recently conducted a poll. Rager asked investors in this survey on Twitter a very simple question about Bitcoin’s progress: Will Bitcoin continue to fall?

The decline may come

Bitcoin, which has been in the region of 9 thousand 200-9 thousand 500 dollars for almost a week, is slightly above the price of 9 thousand 270 dollars. However, most of the investors who participated in this survey on Twitter think that the price of Bitcoin will move down in a short time .

More than 2,000 investors participated in the poll, organized by Josh Rager (when the BTC price is at $ 9,400). A little more than 61 percent of the investors who participated in the survey stated that Bitcoin has not seen the bottom yet, and the price may fall down to 8,500 dollars. The rest of the participants think that BTC sees the bottom and the price will go up after this point. Although such surveys organized on social media do not yield reliable results regarding the course of the market, they can give an idea of ​​the attitude among investors.

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