Will Bachelor Dominic and Anna Rossou want children in the near future?


What about family planning by Dominic Stuckmann (30) and Anna Rossov (34)? A blond guy and a native of Hamburg met and fell in love with a bachelor. Even today they are still a couple and still in love with each other. The two have already started living together, but currently they have no specific wedding plans. But how do Anna and Dominic relate to offspring? Promiflesh asked for a beauty.

“I think that children are usually not very planned,” Anna says in an interview with Promiflash and adds: “If it has to happen, then it happens. But that’s still a few months away.” At the moment, she and her partner are concentrating on the here and now: “We are in the moment, we are enjoying everything that is happening.”

However, topics like marriage and the like are sometimes also a problem for the two of them. “Of course you’re talking about it. Also to see how one sees it as the other? Do you have the same ideas? And about the schedule, of course. I just turned 34,” Anna answers the question, she and Dominic want to get married soon.


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