Will Ariana Grande release another album?


Is Ariana Grande planning to release a second album? The singer has had great success with “Positions”, but there is talk of a new release.

The star of “7 Rings” showed all her girl power with her most recent album, whose title song bears the same name, the MV has already registered more than 60 million views on YouTube, in addition, it managed to position itself at # 1 in the Chart of Billboard Hot 100, adding new achievements and records for the singer, but… are you preparing a second album?

The Florida native is one of the most followed female stars on social networks and one of the musical figures of the moment, each release of hers causes euphoria among fans, as her unique, feminine and flirtatious style is reflected in each of her songs has managed to conquer the audience and “Positions” was no exception.

With the current health crisis, many artists have had to cancel or postpone tours and releases, but Ariana Grande built her own studio at home, where she created her new album, since then, rumors have circulated on social networks that the singer is preparing the release. from another album for 2021.


According to one user, “Positions” was just a gift for fans, the artist took advantage of her time in quarantine to create new songs, as other of her colleagues have said that despite the sad and difficult situation, the pandemic it is also a source of inspiration to create much more sentimental songs.

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Rumors say that Ariana would release the album in 2021 and for commercial purposes, that is, in order to compete in the pop industry and in next year’s galas; However, the speculation lasted very little, as the singer herself answered the publication with a resounding no, denying any news about new releases.

Although the news may have disappointed some, it is expected that Ariana Grande will join the online concerts to promote “Positions” or that the situation improves in 2021 so that she can go on tour. So far, the numbers on her new album are great, but she doesn’t need a new release.


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