Wild West World Season 4 Episode 5 Review


This week’s episode of Wild West World marked a pretty big change in the way the series tells its story. Instead of playing games and trying to get people guessing about what’s around the corner, the show has turned into a sci-fi action movie. This is largely due to the events of the 4th episode of “Wild West World”, where the curtain was pulled on what was and what is happening.

The plans that appeared in the first few episodes of “Wild West World” from Charlotte and the Man in Black have been implemented. As he tells Charlotte in this episode, they won. They have achieved a success that can only be described as total. Early episodes showed how instead of taking the audience through the deployment of a virus or programming or whatever it was called, the show also had a 23-year time jump where people basically became the Hosts. They are under complete control at a level that may be even more impressive than what people were able to do with the original Westworld park. However, it turns out that there are ghosts in the car. Something is wrong with the system. There are literally outliers.

At the moment, Westworld isn’t trying to hide anything up its sleeve, and at least for one week it made the show a little better than it has in the last couple of weeks. The show really likes to talk about the “game”, and it seems that the pieces are already placed on the board. On one side there is Hale, the Man in Black and their loyal henchmen. On the other hand, there are very few people who have formed an uprising and are trying to destroy the Army.

Somewhere in the middle are Teddy and Delores (Christina), who are “gods” in this new world, but clearly not particularly happy with how things have gone downhill. Of course, Kristina didn’t realize that everything was the way it was until very recently, when she finally realized the fact that the world is not the way she thought. Kristina is a reluctant goddess, and it is quite possible that this will play a very big role in the development of the show.

Then, of course, there’s “The Man in Black” or William’s version of “The Master.” Whatever his name is, he is still masterfully played by Ed Harris. This person just knows how to portray something that is pure evil, but may also have some doubts about the level of evil he has achieved. Of course, maybe, as he says in this episode, it’s not so much about caring about what he’s doing wrong. Maybe he doesn’t even think it’s wrong. He is one of those gods who does not resist at all, in fact he likes the fact that he is a god, and he wants to look at people as a commodity.

Whether those who live in the Wild West World have the free will they think they have is a question from the first season. At least for people in this world, the answer to this question was emphatically “no”, and the series gives very interesting views. what it would be like if this answer was something that could be demonstrated in the blink of an eye.

The opening scenes of this episode of “Wild West World” may be some of the best that the series has ever had, and, of course, this is partly due to Ed Harris and the way he just disassembles the person with whom he is sitting in a restaurant. This man speaks like a man who has worked hard to get to the top of the pile. He has a beautiful and seemingly obedient wife at hand, who only slightly reproaches him when he brags to William about how much he has and how low on the totem pole are many other people in this new world.

When Harris begins to explain that the people he is talking to are really nothing more than puppets playing a role, it should be noted that the actors do a very good job of showing both confusion and sheer horror both from what they hear and from what is happening. the realizations they wake up to. In fact, this is not what the Owners had to deal with in the World of the Wild West. Those who have woken up tend to rebel. They very rarely had to sit and hear that their “gods” could do with them whatever they wanted. There’s also the end of the scene after he tells them not to leave while he’s out on business and they don’t actually leave. The realization that they can’t leave while they’re sitting in the restaurant while it’s closing is absolutely chilling.

The 5th episode of the 4th season of “Wild West World” seems to be the culmination of what the series has been striving for from the very beginning. And, to the credit of the screenwriter, the series is very well reproached by Hale and the rest of the presenters with storylines like “be careful with your desires.” While William is content to act in the world as if he were a human being and wants to see them act out events, Hale is much more of a puppeteer and is also very unhappy that it has become so easy to lead people by their strings.

This episode of Wild West World was great for two reasons.


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