“Wild West World” didn’t just kill the four main characters, right?!


The penultimate episode of Season 4 of Wild West World marks the biggest bloodbath since the parkland massacre in season 2, but will any of these deaths actually remain? “Metanoia” seems to be almost the season finale, when the main characters of “Wild West World” begin a multifaceted attack on Charlotte Hale Tower. Bernard and Maeve open Sublime, Stubbs and Frankie rescue Caleb, and Dolores takes Teddy on a devastating tour of her former workplace. Bernard then records a cryptic video message while Maeve distracts Hale.

Somewhere along the way, the Mandroid in black (the host programmed with William’s cognitive scan, but not a hybrid like Caleb) breaks down, betraying Hale and calling the last command to humanity: mass violence. As chaos breaks out, Ed Harris’ host—now wearing a black hat to seal the transition—stabs his flesh-and-blood counterpart in the chest before shooting Maeve Tandive Newton, Hale Tessa Thompson and Bernard Jeffrey Wright in quick succession. All four remain online when the credits roll for Season 4, episode 7 of Wild West World, but it is known that death in Wild West World is fickle. Are any of these unlucky four really dead?

Starting with the first MIB victim (and the only human victim in this episode), William plunges the blade straight into the chest. He is unconscious and bleeding profusely, but “Wild West World” hints that this nihilistic grouch is somehow still alive. When Frankie stumbles upon William’s cryocamera, she tells Stubbs, “We need to help him, get him down,” clearly implying that William is not quite dead yet. Although Stubbs convinces Frankie to leave, William is a real cockroach who has already survived having his throat cut at the end of season 3 of Wild West World. Anything less than a decisive kill would surely not finish him off.

Maeve, Hale and Bernard are dead in the “Wild West World”?

A bullet to the head doesn’t usually kill a host in Westworld. These robots were created to be used and insulted by violent guests of the Wild West, and although the bodies need to be restored after each dirty death, the inner pearl — the brain of the host — is protected by a strong body. Bernard, Dolores, Teddy and many others survived the head shots because their pearls were extracted from the broken bodies. In past seasons of the Wild West World, crushing or erasing a pearl has been proven to be the only sure way to kill the owner (and Kristina proves that even this doesn’t always work).

Season 4, episode 7 of Wild West World questions the ineffectiveness of head shots when Hale gloats, “A seven-gram bullet into your pearl WILL COOK you up.” Seven grams is a fairly standard bullet weight, so William’s pistol should not be very different from other weapons in the “Wild West World”. Hale should keep in mind that a bullet to the pearl will disable the host, but the spherical unit can still be restored (she also says: “Next time I may not get you back.”) Therefore, Maeve, Hale and Bernard must remain to be rescued. The stumbling block is that someone has to find the said pearl, repair it if necessary, and then find a new physical body for this disembodied host.

The sudden nature of Maeve and Hale’s deaths also suggests that they will return to the World of the Wild West, and Maeve’s chances of survival are especially high, since Caleb, Frankie and Stubbs are obliged to revive her. The only death in the “Metanoia” of the 4th season of “Wild West World” that may seem permanent is the death of Bernard. His farewell to Stubbs and the last vision of Charlie create an emotional farewell, implying that this may be the last that viewers will see Jeffrey Wright in “Wild West World.” The decisive blow here is probably not a headshot, but Bernard’s body hitting the detonation of the Tower, which can completely destroy his pearl. However, if the 4th season of “Wild West World” proved anything, it never completely excludes any character, no matter what damage he received.


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