Wild stunts of “Mission Impossible 7” already Surpass past M:I Movies


The series “Mission Impossible” is known for its wild stunts, accurately performed by many, but especially by Tom Cruise, but in its seventh part “Mission Impossible: Payback for Death, part one” there are tantalizing tricks that already surpass the tricks in “Mission Impossible 1-6”. “Mission Impossible 7,” which will be released in July 2023, will be the first of two parts planned as seeing off Cruz as IMF agent Ethan Hunt in the “Mission Impossible” franchise. Many actors will return to Mission Impossible 7, including Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell, Rebecca Ferguson as Ilse Faust and Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn, who have been part of Hunt’s IMF team for most of the franchise. The film will also feature Vanessa Kirby as the White Widow and Henry Czerny as Eugene Kittridge, the director of the IMF in the 1996 film that started it all, Mission Impossible.

Beginning as a spy series, Mission Impossible gradually switched to covering its insane stunts, becoming famous for the fact that as the franchise developed, they became more and more wild. From climbing the tallest building in the world in “Mission Impossible — Ghost Protocol” to hovering on the side of a flying plane during takeoff in “Mission Impossible — Rogue Nation”—Cruz’s stunts lifted the mood as the films went on. In the very last part of “Mission Impossible — Consequences”, the stunts included a helicopter chase, for which Cruz had to precisely control the helicopter without breaking the character and even dangerous rolling of the barrel. It was reported that “Mission Impossible 7” and “8” include even more dangerous stunts, which was also shown in the trailer for “Mission Impossible 7”.

Although the “Mission Impossible 7” trailer showed a lot of wild tricks, it didn’t have a specific one that Christopher McQuarrie decided to share on Twitter in honor of Cruz’s 60th birthday. In it, Cruise can be seen hanging from the roof of a biplane as he flies upside down, showing how “Mission Impossible 7” follows the trend set by previous “Mission Impossible” films, where crazy stunts are always followed by even crazier ones. Since “Mission Impossible 8” will be filmed in space, it is safe to say that the audience will not only get an exciting pleasure from the movie “Mission Impossible 7”, but these wild stunts will be followed by terrifying stunts in the finale. part of the franchise dedicated to Hunt.

Mission Impossible 7 deadly Stunts already surpass the previous Mission: impossible, even though the trailer only teased them. Interviews before the release of “Mission Impossible 7” next year detailed the problems of Cruz, who had to slide off a cliff on a motorcycle before pulling out a parachute, and McQuarrie showed another incredibly difficult trick done by the actor. While Cruise has never shied away from performing difficult feats – even being trained by experts on how to slow down his heart rate so he needs less oxygen for an underwater stunt in Mission Impossible 5 – Mission Impossible 7 already seems to have surpassed previous films in the franchise, as they mirror many of the 1996 Mission Impossible stunts, but make them wilder.

The trailer and a lot of interviews have already shown an exciting story with even more sensational tricks for the next part of “Mission Impossible”. So far, only a few tricks have been teased, but all of them, in the form in which they will be in the film, will certainly be exciting. Since the currently shown stunts “Mission Impossible: Payback for Death, Part One” should surpass the previous tricks of the franchise, the adventure spy thriller is sure to excite viewers after its release in 2023.