Wild Scream 6 Rumor Indicates That Neve Campbell May Return Eventually


The horror genre has been on fire for years, and fans are celebrating an exciting revival of original concepts and returning properties. Some of the best horror films have returned in the form of old quelas, such as the 2022 film Scream. Another sequel was soon ordered, but generations of fans were disappointed when it was revealed that Neve Campbell would not play Sidney Prescott due to a salary dispute. Although the wild rumor about “Scream 6” indicated that Campbell could still return.

It’s really hard to imagine the movie “Scream” without the main character Neve Campbell, who has been at the center of the franchise since its inception. Fans and colleagues supported Campbell in her decision, but there are still those who hope that a new agreement will be reached with those in power at Paramount. A new wild rumor is circulating on Twitter about her return, originating from a now-deleted Instagram account. That’s what we know.

According to this report, Neve Campbell has reached a new agreement with Paramount, but they hoped to keep it a secret and make it a surprise/event for fans. Rumor has it that she will have a few scenes in “Scream 6” before she becomes the main one in “Scream 7”. Moreover, there are rumors that she may have a terrible cliffhanger in the new film. We’ll just have to wait and see if any of these rumors are true; right now we should probably treat them with a grain of salt.

Neve Campbell, who played a small but important role in Scream 6, would make sense given the limited information we know about the upcoming slasher. The synopsis of the film indicates that we will mainly focus on the two pairs of surviving siblings from the last film (played by Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Jasmine Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding) as they leave Woodsboro and move to New York. It’s unclear how returning characters like Gail Weathers Courteney Cox or Kirby Reed Hayden Panettieri will affect the story.

For her part, Neve Campbell spoke very honestly about her experience with Scream 6. She never confirmed her role, initially explaining that she was waiting to find out how she felt about the script. And the House of Cards graduate eventually released a statement saying she wasn’t offered the payment she thought she deserved. Many people supported her decision, including actors such as Jasmine Savoy Brown, and OG such as Jamie Kennedy and Matthew Lillard. Considering how much money the franchise has earned with Campbell in the role of Sydney Prescott, fans have also supported the actress.

We just have to wait and see if these wild rumors are confirmed, and if the last girl of “Scream” gets into the developing sixth film. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.