WiLD: PS4 Exclusive Canceled After 7 Years of Development


The survival adventure game Wild, also spelled WiLD, would have finally been cancelled. The information is from journalist Jeff Grubb, but the responsible developer, Wild Sheep Studios, has not yet officially commented on the matter.

“I can confirm that the game is totally over. There is no more Wild. The Wild is dead. (…) I think Michel Ancel abandoned the project… he doesn’t work on it anymore, so the project was discontinued.” , explained Grubb.

The journalist also received information from the studio itself that, despite not working on the title, there are “many talents” in the company and other projects must come out of the paper. Ancel, who is also the creator of another Ubisoft project with no frequent news, Beyond Good & Evil 2, retired in September 2020 and stated at the time that all projects he was involved in would continue as normal.

Recalling the hype

Wild was announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive back in 2014 during Sony’s gamescom panel.

The demo was highly praised and the title looked bold and promising, with a story set 10,000 years ago, procedurally generated maps and a warrior character who was also capable of taking control of wild animals.

In 2020, new game concept art was unveiled — one of the few and latest updates regarding the project.


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