Wild Iron Man Deep face Sees Tom Cruise Take on the role of Robert Downey Jr. in Marvel


What if it was Tom Cruise who said, “I’m an Iron Man?”

It is known that back in the early days of the MCU, before Robert Downey Jr. took over the role of Tony Stark, Tom Cruise was offered the role of Iron Man, but he refused. Now, many years later, as well as rumors, a deepfake has been created, which represents the star of Top Gun in the title role, which subsequently defined RDJ’s career.

Tom Cruise became the subject of discussion this year because of his incredibly successful sequel “The Best Shooter.” However, many may forget that this spring there were rumors that he might appear in the sequel to Doctor Strange as a variant of Iron Man. Now this deepfake from Stryder HD shows what could have been, recreating a scene from the original “Iron Man”, look:

Even though it’s called Iron Man 4, it’s clearly a scene from the first Iron Man. I understand why they initially wanted Cruz to play this role, he has the looks and charisma to handle this role. However, I will always be in the camp of people who firmly believe that RDJ is best suited for this role and always will be.

These deep fakes have become extremely popular in the past year, and this isn’t the first time Cruz has been the subject of them. Paris Hilton posted on TikTok, where she and deepfake Tom Cruise sing “Tiny Dancer”, which was quite funny.

Despite the fact that there has been a lot of controversy around deepfakes, it is interesting to imagine what could have been or what if it had been with the help of computer graphics technology. For example, we have seen many dipfakes of various actors playing iconic roles, for example, Karl Urban from The Boys in the role of Wolverine instead of Hugh Jackman. Another viral deepfake recently introduced Tom Holland as Marty McFly in the movie Back to the Future. While it would be a fun choice to upgrade, the Spider-Man actor has made it clear he won’t do it because it’s a “perfect movie.”

Along with Cruise, Keanu Reeves was quite often subjected to deepfakes. While the examples above depict other actors in iconic roles, these Reeves dipfakes are funny short videos of him performing everyday tasks, such as waiting for laundry. It’s clear that people have become very creative and funny with this technology, and Cruz got both treatments between this video about Iron Man and Hilton TikTok.

As for what Cruz actually does last year, he starred in one of the most successful films on the 2022 movie schedule: “Best Shooter: Maverick.” Now moving forward, although he won’t be involved in any future Marvel projects, he’s set to star in the seventh Mission Impossible movie, which is slated for 2023. So while Tom Cruise’s computer graphics are fun, you can see the real Tom Cruise performing amazing hands—on stunts in “Best Shooter: Maverick” and the upcoming movie “Mission Impossible.”



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