Wikipedia’s credibility is at stake “27 thousand title entries”


The 27,000 headline entries for Wikipedia cause confusion and at the same time rethink the reliability of the platform. Wikipedia is back on the agenda with its reliability issue!

Wikipedia comes up with a reliability issue
If you are doing a research on the internet, you will see Wikipedia in the results no matter which language you search (popular and actively used languages). The platform, which is an important internet encyclopedia, unfortunately comes to the fore with the problem of reliability.

The developments in the news on the website of The Guardian newspaper are shaking the trust in the platform. In the incident, a young man from the USA entered 27 thousand titles in a language he did not know. A lot of content from Scotland’s local language is also available on the platform. Although the said US youth does not know the local Scottish language, he has signed 49 percent of the titles produced at this point.

Ultach, a Reddit user, discovers this incident. Noticing the young man who logs in with the username AmaryllisGardner, the Reddit user notices that as of 2018, the 19-year-old has written more than 27 thousand title entries in total, while also noticing that he has also made close to 200 thousand edits.

Most of AmaryllisGardner’s articles contain Scottish words that are often misspelled, and most grammar rules are not followed. AmaryllisGardner used a translator like Google Translate to translate sentences written in American English into native Scottish language. The reason no one has noticed this for years is that the Scottish Wikipedia is not very popular.

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“Nobody cared about the development of the Scottish Wikipedia,” said Wikipedian MJL, one of the website’s administrators. It was not noticed until someone stepped in because nobody bothered. That person was never guided. The articles were very badly translated incorrectly. ” says.

Scottish is an endangered language and the Wikipedia community now needs to decide what to do with all entries. Some people think that the website is doing more harm than good to AmaryllisGardner’s contributions, and that their content should be deleted. In the future, we will see if the problem in question is experienced in the Wikipedia pages of other languages ​​that are less used.


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