Wikipedia Will Update Its Design After 10 Years


The Wikimedia Foundation, which thinks it should move to a more modern user interface, will gradually update Wikipedia’s interface by the end of 2021. The update will affect almost all items in the Wikipedia interface.

Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia, renews its desktop interface after 10 years. According to the statements made by the Wikimedia Foundation, the parent organization of Wikipedia, the implementation of all these changes will reach the end of 2021.

The primary goal of the Wikimedia Foundation’s design change is to minimize distractions in the current layout and provide users with a freer and more modern Wikipedia experience. For this reason, Wikipedia’s new interface will be both cleaner and more customizable.

Items that will change to Wikipedia’s current design

According to the statements made by the Wikimedia Foundation, the design change in question will take shape on 10 basic innovations. These changes; It will be in the form of configuring the logo, hiding the side menu, increasing the width of the content, moving the search bar, adding a language option to the article title bar and switching between languages, fixing the site and article titles, improving the search engine, user menu, content table and content tools.

Hiding the side menu and increasing the content width

Currently, when we enter Wikipedia, we encounter a very crowded and wide side menu on the left. With the new design, we will be able to hide the contents of the side menu, as well as remove the side menu completely and increase the content width.

Adding a language option to the title bar and switching between languages

An article on Wikipedia can be written in more than one language, but it is not a practical solution to access the content of the same article in different languages. With the new design, a language option will be added to the Title bar and you will be able to see how many different languages ​​an article is written and switch between the content in different languages ​​with one click.

Moving the search bar and improving the search engine

With the new design, the search bar in the right-upper part is moved to the middle-upper part by enlarging it a little. Also, with improvements to the search engine, Wikipedia will be able to suggest better content when you start typing something in the search engine.


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