Wikipedia will have new design after 10 years


Wikipedia, the most consulted virtual encyclopedia on the planet, announced that it is preparing improvements to its look. The changes can be seen in the coming months, and are the first changes to the site in the last 10 years. The redesign will be fully available by the end of 2021.

Wikipedia can be considered one of the biggest icons in the culture of the web for almost twenty years. If it is true that we search on Google, it is on Wikipedia that we find most of the answers to our questions. There are millions of entries in a collaborative and collective contribution encyclopedia.

Although most people are already used to the current layout, which is very intuitive, the Wikimedia Foundation intends, according to the Wikimedia Blog, that the encyclopedia not only looks more modern, it can also become less “clumsy and oppressive” for new users.

The first change to be implemented on the website will be a collapsible sidebar. The feature will allow users to collect the entire left side of each page, to minimize distractions, reduce irrelevant content and links, and be able to focus on the main search. A language switch button will be added with a simple click.

Wikipedia also announces several improvements to the site’s search engine, to make it easier to find other pages. Finally, to have a new look, the logo will be reconfigured to be smaller on each page.

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