Wikipedia Concept Design In New Web Standards

Wikipedia, which has been criticized by some users with its design dating from the 2000s, has not yet taken any steps regarding the new interface. Impressed by many with his concept designs, Kevin Stewart created a design for Wikipedia from scratch.

Wikipedia concept design that fascinates those who see it

The concepts of UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), which are of great importance in design, began to take shape in line with the needs of users with the development of technology.

The Web 1.0 standard, which came into our lives in 1995, was document-oriented due to the spread of the internet all over the world. The design approach of the websites, which adopted the Web 2.0 standard in 2000, has drastically changed. The concepts of UI and UX, which have become the focus of designers with Web 2.0, have gained more importance today.

“I have added a few new things to Wikipedia homepage design, such as a prominent language selection and a more prominent search bar,” Kevin Stewart said about his homepage design. used the expressions.

Stewart, who changed the design of the article page, said, “This is where I spend the most time. Billions of people access Wikipedia around the world. Things like color contrast, font size, and even black text on a white background can make the content very difficult to consume. That’s why I think I have developed a more useful article page. ” said.

The Wikipedia concept design, which includes options such as font size, night mode, font color and font type, exceeds expectations in terms of usability.



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