Wikipedia Co-Founder Sells First Issue On Site As NFT


Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is auctioning off the first edition made in Wikipedia history as a non-fungible token (NFT).

The sale, which takes place on the website of traditional auction house Christie’s, includes not only the NFT certificate, but also a Strawberry model iMac launched in 2000, which Wales used as a home computer and was his working tool to create the project and make such a modification.

Wales made the modification on January 15, 2001, writing “Hello, World!” (“Hello, World!”) on the home page of the free encyclopedia, which completed 20 years of existence this year.

NFT is not just a screenshot: according to Wales, it is dynamic code that recreates the edit and can be run by the owner, being “the right way to express yourself artistically” when creating something from scratch and without imagining the potential that the service could achieve.

The money raised will go to the WT.Social project, an initiative by Wales to create a social network free of toxic and addictive environments.

It is worth remembering that other internet pioneers have also marketed their creations as NFT — the case of the first tweet posted on the social network and even the original code from the World Wide Web.

Until the publication of this article, with more than a week to the end of the auction, the bids were still low: on Christie’s website, the Mac was at US$200, while the NFT was still at US$700.