WikiMedia is launching paid service service


The Wikimedia Foundation plasted the arms to create a paid service for companies that benefit from Wikipedia data. It was noted that the service expected in 2021 will receive the name of Wikimedia Enterprise as the name and does not change the form of operation.

Wikimedia Enterprise will offer different options

The Wikimedia Foundation aims to provide new options to giant firms using their content such as Google and Facebook. The system that is not exactly transferred to how it works is generally a premium version of the Wikipedia API. Thus, corporate customers will be able to format the data in a faster way to meet their needs. It will also obtain different options to sort and publish them.

Wikimedia Foundation Senior Manager Lane Becker, in his statement to Wired, “Companies may already pay to clear their employees to clear wikipedia data. If Enterprise will do this kind of cleanliness. However, companies will continue to use the existing API for free, “he said.

Most of the Internet support Wikipedia. Google’s info boxes, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri Services are free of charge as possible from the free encyclopa. The first source of the Wikipedi in the fight against web platforms against the wrong knowledge, it also significantly increased the service of the service. However, some companies have signed the Wikipedia supported large projects, while some companies offer donations in exchange for using Wikimedia’s free services.

However, the Frequently Asked Questions page of WikiMedia underlined that Wikipedia does not force the great technology firms to Enterprise. However, the system can prevent certain and well-known issues for companies. Because the service can make the most relevant information in front of the community instead of the companies that are most renewed by the community.

Wikimedia Enterprise team also accepts commercial facts with the mission to provide free access to information. The foundation also mentioned that they need more partners for the initiative and they are under the end of this year as they entered the expectation of developing partnership with large companies.

Basically, Wikimedia was first announced on Jimmy Wales of Wikipedi on June 20, 2003. It has reached a $ 60 billion donation since the day when the foundation begins.


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