Wi-Fi: Flaw Found Could Expose Data For Billions Of Users


A cybersecurity researcher has discovered in recent weeks a flaw in Wi-Fi technology, which is used by billions of mobile devices today. According to Mathy Vanhoef, already known for revealing security holes in Wi-Fi, the flaws detected are known as frag attacks (in literal translation) and originated from bugs from the year 1997.

Vanhoef explains on his blog that the vulnerabilities allow hackers to hack into the device and steal users’ data. To reach the result, the researcher analyzed 75 devices with different operating systems, such as Windows, macOS and Linux. The flaws were found in everyone, including ioT (Internet of Things) devices. Vanhoef shared a demonstration of how vulnerabilities appear on the device. He check it out:

However, for a hacker to break into the system, it would be necessary to be very close or even physically interact with the device to access the Wi-Fi network and steal information. Still, it is essential to always ensure the latest update of operating systems.

In all of his discoveries – which includes Krack Attack in 2017 -, the researcher shared his information for developers to fix the problems with wireless technology. Several disclosed vulnerabilities have even been addressed. The latest Windows update fixed 12 bugs identified by Vanhoef.


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