Why “yellow vests” didn’t make it to HBO, despite the fact that network executives Were really into the idea


When the psychological drama “Yellow Vests” debuted in mid-November 2021, it instantly became a hit for Showtime. The widely acclaimed show, which focuses on a high school football team trapped in the desert after a plane crash and survivors 25 years later in the present day, has also received a lot of love from critics, even with horror. Meister Stephen King praises many aspects of the Yellow Jackets. Working on the second season of the famous drama, the creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson told why their series did not get on HBO, despite the good reviews they received.

What did the creators of Yellowjackets say about why HBO didn’t take their show?

If there is one thing that has become incredibly obvious in recent years, with the advent of a number of streaming services that give premium cable channels and broadcast networks the opportunity to make their money, it is that there is a lot of entertaining and intriguing content. Creators like Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, who also write The Yellow Jackets, have much more opportunities for the shows they create to be collected and shown to the public, but this also means that the process of submitting your idea can take even longer.

The team just told Deadline why HBO rejected “Yellow Vests,” even though executives were into the idea, and Lyle noted:

I think at one point we were joking with our studio and our producers and saying, “So who are we representing tomorrow, Starbucks?” I think we reached out to 16 or 17 different chains. As a result, we received offers from five of them. HBO, for example, was very honest after filing. They said they really liked it, but they already had Euphoria in development. And they said we probably won’t be developing two projects with teenage protagonists. So even though we didn’t sell it, we’ve been getting positive feedback, and it’s always helpful when you’re going through an absolute routine.

Well, I would never think so much about why the network wouldn’t take on the series, despite the fact that I liked the basic idea, but I suppose it makes some sense. For me and probably for many fans, the impressions of watching “Yellow Jackets” and “Euphoria” are very different, but considering that at the heart of each of them is that they follow rather confused teenagers when they deal with very dark and potentially crazy situations, it just sounds how HBO employees found the premises too similar.

As Lyle said, at least she and Nickerson knew they had a good idea in “Yellow Jackets,” and that HBO actually seemed to drop the show just because “Euphoria” got to it first. Fortunately, we see that everything went well. The cast of “Yellow Jackets” is absolute fire, and it has a weird, black performance in Jasmine Savoy Brown, as well as other outstanding performances by the likes of Melanie Lynskey, Christina Ricci, Juliette Lewis and many others. Not to mention a number of Yellowjackets WTF moments that make viewers hooked and looking forward to the second season.

We don’t know when the second season of Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson’s “Yellow Vests” will premiere, but you can watch the entire first season right now on Showtime.