Why WWE’s Cesaro Should Replace Brian Danielson in AEW’s “Forbidden Door”


Since Brian Danielson’s name has been added to the list of major professional wrestlers who are currently sidelined by injuries, AEW needs to attract such a famous talent as former WWE superstar Cesaro if they are going to fulfill their promises in The Forbidden Door. AEW Forbidden Door will take place on Sunday, June 26, at the United Center in Chicago. This will be the first pay-per-view event organized jointly by AEW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Expectations for the match card have been high since the crossover was announced in April.

Unfortunately, after this announcement, the world of professional wrestling as a whole suffered from a significant number of side injuries, both short-term and long-term. AEW temporarily lost such famous talents as the reigning world champion SM Punk, Brian Danielson and Scorpion Sky. Brian’s path in the AEW roster grew rapidly. He was supposed to hold a duel for the ages in the Forbidden Door, fighting with another master of technical grappling, British wrestler Zack Saber Jr.

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With Brian Danielson on the shelf and his dream match against ZSJ canceled, AEW needs to bring in an internationally recognized talent like Cesaro (real name Claudio Castagnoli) to lift the “Forbidden Door” to the heights it deserves. Claudio is another outstanding fighter known for his strength and IQ in the ring. The confrontation of the 7-time WWE tag team champion against Zack Saber Jr. will be a different, but no less exciting dream match. Matches like this are what will strengthen Forbidden Door’s legacy and potentially prove the viability of more cross—promotional events between AEW and NJPW in the future. Claudio vs ZSJ will join matches such as John Moxley’s headlining fight against Hiroshi Tanahashi from NJPW.

Apart from this one-off appearance, Danielson’s replacement will also be welcomed as a new member of the Blackpool Fighting Club. The stable currently includes Brian, William Regal, John Moxley and Wheeler Utah. The group is known for holding tough and brutal matches, and also has excellent command of the technical elements of professional wrestling. The former Cesaro would be a natural candidate after his ten years of WWE experience. Not only did he earn a reputation as one of the strongest and structurally adept members of the WWE roster, he once got his front teeth stuck in his jaw, and still ended the match. Claudio is as cool as they are, and his introduction to the BCC ensures that the faction will remain at the top of the AEW rankings. It should not be expected that Moxley will carry the band alone, especially given that his attention is now divided by the scene of the main event of AEW. Claudio’s famous name and loyal supporters should help ease this burden.

Surprisingly, the Forbidden Door needs this star power no less than the Blackpool Fighting Club. While the crossover event between AEW and NJPW attracts ardent fans of professional wrestling, the average viewer in the United States probably won’t recognize many of the names on the map. As the AEW audience begins to reach a plateau, it is now more important than ever that they can attract a fresh look at their product. Foreign stars, although they rightfully attract consumers whom AEW has already enlisted, are unlikely to increase the popularity of the product in the United States. The absence of CM Punk and Brian Danielson created another missing component in the AEW x NJPW event. Those who have followed Cesaro’s WWE career would be more inclined to check out Forbidden Door and subsequent weekly AEW programs if he debuted on Sunday.

After all, according to rumors, Cesaro’s name is not the only one who will make his debut in The Forbidden Door. There are still many respected wrestlers working with independents and others who are still in limbo after being released by WWE. While athletes like Jonathan Gresham and Johnny Gargano may be unexpectedly replaced by AEW, Claudio Castagnoli is the man who has the most to offer. It’s time for AEW to welcome the Swiss Superman.