Why will True Beauty be unforgettable for the cast members


True Beauty is coming to an end after captivating us for several weeks with its story, the drama has a special place in the hearts of the fans but it was also memorable for the actors.

The adaptation of the webtoon became a success among international fans and each episode became a topic of discussion on social networks where it was possible to share emotions and points of view, True Beauty is already in the final round and in this emotional moment the cast members shared why this production will be unforgettable.

Each one thanked the support that their characters and the series received throughout this time, remembering the learnings and fun moments that made K-Drama unique.


Although it was hard for everyone to believe that they were already at the close of the drama, they recognized how valuable the experience was. Cha Eun Woo, who played Suho, said that he felt grateful to the staff members and the cast, as in addition to having a happy time he was able to grow and experience new things. On his part, Hwang In Yeop mentioned that he had received a lot of affection as Seojun, so he will keep this character very present in his life.

Moon Ga Young also pointed out how special it was to spend time on set with great actors and friends, so she was able to learn and enjoy filming.

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