Why “Welcome to Platteville” Fans Shouldn’t Discuss Moriah’s Eating Habits


*Trigger Warning*

In general, “Welcome to Plattville, Moriah Platt” is often the subject of conversation among viewers, but many consider it wrong to talk about her eating habits. The aspiring singer had a difficult season due to her breakup with Max Kalschmidt, which caused fans to worry about her. Now some even suggest that she is struggling to stay healthy.

Welcome to Platteville! there is sugar. Moria has always been the black sheep of the family and wanted more out of her life when it came to her fashion and opinions. Over the course of four seasons, viewers began to wonder if Moriah had become a bit narcissistic. Moriah struggled to find herself on the path to self-discovery, but it often led her down a dangerous path.

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Recently, many fans in the u/Jealous_Sherbet Reddit thread began to theorize that Moria has an eating disorder. The redditor said, “Moriah didn’t say that she has ED […] not everyone is looking in the same direction, so it’s impossible to find out.” This type of speculation can be harmful and irritating to those in question. Moriah has never identified any eating problems and has not openly spoken about any form of eating disorder. The assumptions of the fans of “Welcome to Plattville” are unfounded, because you can never question someone’s health based on how they look. Viewers create a stereotype about Moria because she is smaller. Moria’s brother, Mika Plath, is a model, but no one ever wonders if he has a problem with food.

It doesn’t seem like the viewers of “Welcome to Plattville” are thinking about the consequences of this kind of speculation. One Reddit user even said that because of the breakup with Max, she could eat less. “That’s fucking rude. She is already small, and a broken heart and serious depression can prevent some people from eating,” they concluded. Moriah’s stigmatization has driven many fans crazy, and they say that some people overreact to Moriah’s eating habits. Although many of these conversations take place on forums, it’s wrong to talk about someone’s eating habits if they don’t talk about it openly. If Moria has a problem and she wants to talk about it, that’s her prerogative, not the fans.

While Moriah, who is called a hypocrite, can make bad decisions about food, for example, about tartlets for breakfast, fans need to learn not to speculate on someone’s eating habits. Welcome to Plathville Fans should remember that bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Fans should not make incorrect conclusions based on someone’s body image.


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