Why Welcome to Plathville Mika and Mario are tired of Olivia’s outbursts


Fans of “Welcome to Plattville” noted Olivia Plath’s ability to manipulate, reacting to certain situations with outbursts, and even Mika and Moriah Plath were tired of her antics. Ethan Plath’s wife found it difficult to fit into the family, as Kim and Barry Plath made it clear that they did not approve of her. Now she’s losing the only two allies she’s ever had.

There’s no doubt that Olivia has been a thorn in the side for most fans who have watched “Welcome to Plattville” since day one. On her journey of self-discovery, Olivia showed the audience her ever-changing needs. She changed, and it affected Ethan, often forcing the already quiet husband not to find words. Over the past few months, Olivia has found a new sense of herself living in Tampa, and has really been able to spread her wings. Ethan and Olivia grew up in strict religious families, but she seems to have had a less sheltered childhood. At first, fans thought that Olivia was a good addition to the family, but now many people think that she has outlived herself.

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In a recent episode of “Welcome to Platteville,” fans watched as Moriah and Micah began to lose patience with Olivia’s tantrums. Viewers watched as Olivia had a nervous breakdown due to the fact that Ethan went to the memorial of his late brother Joshua Plath, who died after Kim accidentally knocked him down. Micah was the first to address the cameras, noting that although he considers Olivia’s feelings important, not everything was related to her. The male model told the cameras that he would like Olivia to put her problems aside and later work on her “garbage.”

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As for Moria, she has officially reached the limit in family drama, noting that she has ended a “fragile relationship”. Fans of “Welcome to Platteville” could tell that Moriah finally realized that all the effort and extra effort she put into her friendship with Olivia would not pay off. Followers have always wondered if Olivia was Moria’s real friend; now they see that she might not have been. Moriah and Micah made it clear that they had finished choosing sides and would no longer respond to Olivia’s outbursts.

All the problems with “Welcome to Platteville” are related to Olivia and Kim’s relationship. The feud got so out of control that Ethan and Olivia no longer talk to his parents and decided to leave Cairo, Georgia to start over. Moriah preferred Olivia to his own mother many times and did not even invite Kim to her first concert. It seems that the brothers and sisters of Plath will no longer shelter Olivia, since now she will have to stand up for herself.


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