Why Welcome to Plathville Fans Think Moriah Has Lip Fillers


Currently, almost every reality TV star had a job done, but fans of “Welcome to Plattville” couldn’t help but wonder if Moriah Platt dabbled in one or two fillers. Over the years, it is clear that her natural beauty has begun to improve her appearance. She has gone from a little makeup to a full face, and fans are doubting the possible procedures.

Welcome to Plathville season 4 revealed that Moriah is going through an emotional breakup with Max Kalschmidt. The couple seemed stable, but after the cheating incident, Moriah decided to break off their relationship. As a result of her breakup and her release from Barry and Kim Plath’s strict household run by Barry and Kim Plath, Moriah has changed a lot. She currently lives alone in Tampa and is trying to find herself along the way.

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According to the theories of “Welcome to Platteville” fans, Moria may have improved her body. One of the Reddit users, Banana8686, wrote: “Lip fillers or Insta filter?” A fan posted a photo of Moriah with much bigger lips than usual, and the image couldn’t help but start a conversation. In the photos, Moria is depicted with platinum blonde hair and noticeably plumper lips. Some fans were shocked by the new look, while others felt that she just emphasized her lips.

The argument presented was that Moriah should tone down her appearance as some fans think she is starting to overdo it. Many fans of “Welcome to Platteville” agree that she looks much better with her natural look without all her makeup and possible treatments. Moria has only been able to wear makeup and dress in her own style for the last few years, so it makes sense that she would like to experiment with different looks and maybe even with the procedure. All the viewers agreed that if Moriah really decides to go under the knife, hopefully minimal intimidation will be done.

Fans of “Welcome to Platteville” are currently watching Moriah go through his breakup, as well as his parents. Kim and Barry have been struggling to stay afloat all season and recently decided they were getting divorced. Moria shared with fans that she had known about her parents’ problems for months and just tried her best to help in any way she could. Now it seems that the pressure could have been too strong and led to a mini-transformation. I hope Moria likes her new lips and will keep fans updated on any other improvements.