Why Welcome to Plathville Fans Think Mom Kim’s Skills Have Reached a New Low


Kim Plath from “Welcome to Plattville” is again being criticized by fans for her poor parenting skills. The mother of nine children Ethan, Hosanna, Mika, Moria, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia and Mercy Plath at times gives the impression of being a little controlling. But with her new makeup and lifestyle change, fans believe Kim is sending the wrong signal to her children.

The huge Plath family is no longer cohesive, as viewers saw in the first season. In the second season, viewers saw the family split into three separate houses. Unfortunately, tensions in the house reached an all-time high when Kim and Barry Plath announced their divorce. In the fourth season of “Welcome to Plattville,” Platt will be put to the test again as the dynamics of their family change. Kim is currently at the center of a family drama, and fans believe that she may not be showing her best side as a mother.

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Welcome to Platteville. Fans have always considered Kim a bit hypocritical. Since the first season, Kim has tried to control her children, explaining how she and Barry lived life to the fullest and made wrong decisions, such as drinking, having sex and taking drugs. When Kim and Barry became parents, they wanted to protect their children from the bad decisions they made. Kim, in particular, has always been cold towards her older children, mainly because they decided to leave the family home so young. The fourth season of “Welcome to Platteville” showed how Kim’s parenting skills have changed, and fans are not impressed.

Recently, Kim’s attitude has changed, as has her wardrobe. Welcome to Plathville Viewers watched as Kim started wearing miniskirts and more makeup. Now her image is confusing her children, who thought they should dress modestly. It seems to many TLC viewers that Kim prefers her newfound freedom to motherhood. She stopped teaching her children at home and even stopped cooking dinner for her family. Despite the fact that Barry is always around the younger children, his idea of home-cooked food is that he orders pizza almost every night.

It’s clear that the “Welcome to Platteville” star is going through a midlife crisis. Unfortunately, even though Kim can change herself, it shouldn’t mean that her new life comes at the expense of her old one. The Plath children are confused and wonder what happened to their mother. In the meantime, they’ll have to stand up for themselves while Kim tries to figure out what it means for her to be a good mom.