Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Kim Plath “Dumped” Lydia


In “Welcome to Plattville,” Kim Plath is changing her lifestyle, but some of her recent life decisions may be wrong, including a seeming shift in her relationship with her daughter Lydia Plath. Fans of the series were very surprised when she seemed to have abandoned the beliefs and beliefs she had previously held. The mother of nine children had strained relations with the older children, most of whom grew up and left. In particular, Moriah and Mika Plath were considered wild and free spirits who could potentially have a negative impact on younger children.

Now that Kim is moving away from her conservative Christian roots, she has a new perspective. She quickly realizes that the strict rules and expectations she has set for her children are unnecessary, and attaches more importance to enjoying life and having fun. Thanks to this mindset, she has developed a closer relationship with Moria and Mika, and she relies on them as her breakup with Barry Plath unfolds. The news of her divorce from Barry affected the whole family, especially her daughter Lydia. Since Kim is on a new life path, her relationship with her most obedient child is no longer the same, and fans have begun to notice it.

The bond they once shared was very close. Now Mika and Moriah are apparently taking her place. Kim was not afraid to discuss the details of the divorce with them and in many ways was frank and honest. Many fans took to Reddit to discuss Kim’s attitude towards Lydia and the clear distinction she makes between them. Reddit user Evening-Librarian-52 started the topic by writing, “Kim, you need to get better. Poor girl. Love all your children equally. Stop playing favorites and be a better mom.” It seems that Lydia found solace in music and uploaded her songs to her channel “Filled with Joy” on YouTube. She posted her new song “Yahweh” and her fans were very excited. Listen to her melody below:

Despite the fact that Lydia finds solace in her religious upbringing, she lacks a serious relationship with her mother. Many fans believe that Kim is chasing the lost youth. Perhaps that’s why she prefers to have deep conversations with Moria and go for a drink with Mika. In the same thread, Reddit user stephb4252 wrote: “She is jealous seeing all her older children leave and live a normal life. Now she wants to get rid of her family and parental responsibilities in order to live as a 20-year-old girl again.” ”

As Kim expands her worldview, most “Welcome to Platteville” fans aren’t surprised by her behavior and believe she’s just showing her true (and narcissistic) face. It doesn’t matter why she pushes Lydia away, there’s no doubt she’s playing favorites. Since she wants to start a new life, she seems to want to get rid of many things from her old one, especially her previously strong Christian fundamentalist values. Lydia hasn’t given fans any hope that her parents will reconcile, and some people who watch the show are wondering if she’s going to give up on Kim.


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