Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Say Plath Kids Should Play Sports


Fans see how athletic the cast of “Welcome to Platteville” is and want to see how they test their skills by participating in sports. Plath’s nine children grew up on a large isolated farm in rural Georgia and spent most of their time outside, running and working on the property. Every Plath child has their own interests, such as Ethan Plath’s passion for vintage cars, Moria Plath’s love of music and Isaac Plath’s dream of becoming a pilot. The common denominator is that they all have athletic genes.

Since Kim and Barry Plath raised their children without technology, they spent their childhood outdoors. Instead of buying cell phones or watching TV while they did their homework, the Plath kids enjoyed their favorite hobbies on the farm, such as climbing trees and gardening. All the stars of “Welcome to Platteville” were homeschooled, and many children in the family said they would like to have a more traditional childhood. They have never had the opportunity to communicate with other children of their age.

One of the most memorable scenes of the first season of “Welcome to Plattville” was the scene when the children of Platt were tested for knowledge of pop culture. They said they knew what basketball was and were playing with a ring in the driveway. However, they weren’t allowed to watch TV, so they didn’t know any famous basketball players. Fans have seen all the hard work that the Plath kids had to do on the farm, even building their own forts and treehouses, so it’s no surprise that they excel at physical challenges.

In Los Angeles, Mika Plath used his muscles as a model. He’s also been trying new things throughout the season, and fans would love to see him play sports. The Plath children definitely did not have an ultra-modern childhood, as their parents did not want them to associate with other children of their age who might have other religious beliefs. While they were busy performing in the Plath Family Band, they missed the opportunity to play sports in teams or leagues. After watching Mika and Ethan train, fans saw how fast they could run and how easy it was to climb trees. They want them to show off their athleticism more.

Reddit users were outraged about the kids “Welcome to Plattville,” and r/Sea_Ball6960 said: “I think Mika would really do well on the school sports team” and “they really should enroll Isaac in school/community sports.” Other fans pointed out that the reason they are all athletic is because they were pushed to explore nature, and r/NoFundieBusiness called it “a hidden positive in that they grew up the way they were.” Although several of Plath’s children do not go to school and live independently, it would be interesting to see how any of them will try to play sports and play against people of their own age.


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