Why We Won’t See the Real FF7: Before Crisis Remake


Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7 is not among the many upcoming additions to the FF7 Remake universe. However, Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is in development and will include a wide range of materials from the original FF7 universe instead of the remake universe. It also means that players probably won’t see a remake of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7 in the near future, but they shouldn’t feel that loss too keenly when Ever Crisis comes out.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7 is a mobile game released in 2004, but never reached the West. Players control one of Shinra’s Turks in a series of missions that take place years before FF7, when they work against an Avalanche to prevent them from summoning the Zirkoniad and destroying human life. Although players will encounter many of FF7’s main characters on this journey, it’s not necessary to understand FF7 or FF7 Remake.

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The overwhelming number of titles makes it difficult to determine the best order of reproduction of the entire FF7 series. With the upcoming remakes, it becomes even more difficult to find out which titles are needed for the story and which are superfluous. Fortunately, Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis will help solve this problem with the original FF7 universe by combining most of the story content into one game. Ever Crisis is also the reason that Before Crisis most likely won’t see its own remake anytime soon.

Before Crisis is included in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis

The development and release of Ever Crisis will make the remake of Before Crisis redundant, because the content will be included among the content of many other main and additional games and even the film “Children of Advent”. However, Ever Crisis will not only repeat the previous FF7 content, but will also have some of its own unique features, such as a young Sephiroth, as shown in the Ever Crisis trailer. Despite the excitement, Ever Crisis is a mobile game, but some fans may get nervous; hopefully it won’t include too much gacha mechanics or focus heavily on microtransactions, as many mobile games do.

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of Final Fantasy 7 with all the attention and remakes it gets. Not all players are thrilled with the plot choices Square Enix has made regarding the new FF7 universe, but the FF7 Remake has generally been well received, and players are still excited to see what happens next when more content is revealed and released. . Even more exciting is the fact that for many Western players, Ever Crisis will be their first opportunity to experience the story of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7.