Why was Michelle Baldwin the scariest killer?


The popular CSI Miami series managed to surprise all its viewers for 10 years with its incredible stories in which they solved the most heinous and harsh cases that criminals did. But, women were also an important part of the show and one of the scariest killers was Michelle Baldwin (Alicia Witt).

Michelle Baldwin married a man named Dennis after she claimed she was lonely from being often abandoned by “everyone,” so she became paranoid and possessive of him, fearing that women would steal him for his charm or they will mock him.

She had been so sweet and innocent that she cheated on anyone, but the reality is that she teamed up with her husband to murder any woman who looked at him, but in herself, she was the mastermind of murder.

In the CSI: Miami episode “Blood lust,” the team finds the body of a tortured woman in a hurricane shelter. The killer pretends to be a survivor, but in reality, she is the cause of everything.

Baldwin would kidnap, torture, and murder young women who would flirt with her husband. She would strangle them with her own bra and take a nail as a trophy.

She had a death count of 10 victims. When she was apprehended she said, “What does it matter what their names are? They are dead. It is not about them, they are not even here.” For that reason, she is one of the most murderous women the show has had in its 10 seasons.

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