Why Warner Bros. so trying to get the flash movie with Ezra Miller back on track, except for the budget


The expanded DC universe always keeps fans on their toes thanks to the drama on camera and beyond. And while moviegoers are still dizzy from the news that Batgirl is being disposed of, all eyes are glued to what is happening with Ezra Miller’s film “The Flash.” Miller is currently seeking treatment for mental health issues after apologizing for their recent behavior. And we seem to know why Warner Bros. so trying to get the Miller movie back on track (except for the insane budget).

Over the summer, Ezra Miller faced a number of legal challenges, which made DC fans wonder if Warner Bros. could completely abandon the Flash movie. The ambitious crossover film was shot with a stated budget of $200 million, so the stakes are certainly high. And, according to THR’s new update that Miller is seeking treatment to try to keep his ongoing role as Barry Allen, “The Flash” is also doing very well with the test audience. As stated,

Nevertheless, it has received some of the highest ratings at test screenings since Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight films, and executives and creatives believe they have a critical and box office success that matches those ratings.

This is very high praise. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is in many ways the pinnacle of what DC movies can be: critically acclaimed, very popular, and even Oscar-worthy. So if Andy Musketti’s “Flash” is gaining somewhere around these numbers with a test audience, it looks like moviegoers are in for a real treat. So far, the project is coming out as planned, i.e.

This THR report shows how Warner Bros. trying to adjust the course of the Flash with Ezra Miller. It is reported that this week the actor of “Fantastic Beasts” met with the studio to discuss the timeliness of the release of the film and apologize for any negative press reviews they may have caused during these recent scuffles. This also happened after it became clear that the studio is exploring all options for the project, including possibly abandoning it completely. After the drama about Batgirl, it certainly doesn’t sound like an empty threat.

If The Flash is testing so well, it must be at least partly because of Ezra Miller’s performance in the long-delayed blockbuster. Andy Muschetti’s DC debut will apparently include several timelines. And so Miller plays multiple versions of Barry Allen throughout the mysterious runtime. That’s why trying to reshoot or remake has never been an option in the midst of the actor’s recent controversies.

Since Ezra Miller is undergoing treatment and is apparently committed to The Flash, we hope fans will enjoy the upcoming DC blockbuster as planned next summer. The expectation is steadily growing, especially because Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are expected to play Batman. In addition, the project will also host Supergirl in the shared universe for the first time.

The Flash is currently expected to hit theaters on June 23, 2023. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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