Why Voight’s Evolution Has Fans Divided


Chicago PD fans have criticized the show for Hank Voight’s behavior, even though Voight’s recent evolution from a ruthless police officer to one who is capable of showing sympathy has fans divided, due to the growing change in the Hank’s personality.

In turn, Voight (Jason Beghe) runs the Intelligence Unit and is famous for his no-nonsense approach to criminals, in his attempt to clean up the streets of Chicago, Voight does everything he can to make sure criminals clear the roads. Let’s not forget that he is a highly respected police officer and is admired by everyone in his unit.

However, he is known for using dirty tricks to obtain information and arrest criminals and is not afraid of hurting anyone in his way to achieve his goals. Throughout the Chicago P.D show, Voight has covered up the cops on his team and always looks out for them.

He also maintains ties to criminals, gang leaders, and drug dealers whom he contacts whenever he needs something. Because of this, Voight has committed murder and disguised it as catching criminals and punishing them.

Although his cruelty and his means-to-end attitude have for some time been part of the reason his fans love him, most Chicago P.D viewers now want him to change.

For a long time, fans have pointed out that Chicago P.D officers have a right, and that is why they literally get away with it. While this may be a good plot for a TV series, it is an underlying problem in the real world, people recently have not adapted well to this type of behavior.

So, fans recently noticed that Voight has started to change for the better and is showing some sympathy, which is very different from him, Voight now chooses to see humanity in some of the criminals that he watches. Which is why Chicago P.D fans are enjoying the softer side of the cop, as he has added a layer of depth to his character.

However, not everyone is in favor of Voight’s (Jason Beghe) changeable character. Which is why, a section of fans of the NBC show now feel that Chicago P.D, has diluted Voight and they think that changing who he is will ruin the character and the show.


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