Why Vecna uses Spiders in “Stranger Things”


The connection between Vecna and the spiders in “Stranger Things” has a deeper meaning than simply inspiring fear of the audience with the help of ordinary horror. Vecna is featured in the Netflix series as the latest supernatural villain tormenting the residents of Hawkins, Indiana. At the end of the first volume of the 4th season of “Very Strange Cases”, his true identity is finally revealed, and his motives for terrorizing the city are revealed, and all this is connected with a spider nest in a bathroom vent. But although spiders are widespread in the horror genre because of their generally accepted creepiness, here their use has a darker meaning.

In season 4 of Very Strange Cases, episode 7, “The Hawkins Lab Massacre,” number One, also known as Vecna, tells his backstory. As a child, he moved to Hawkins, then known as Henry Creel, but because of his psychic powers, he found solace in discovering a spider’s nest in a vent in his new home, feeling a connection with creatures he didn’t feel towards humans-even with members of his family who turned out to be his first victims were when he experienced the power of his telekinetic abilities. He describes the spiders as “endlessly charming” and also finds “great comfort” in them. He believes that this relationship is due to the fact that both he and they are lonely beings and, apparently, deeply misunderstood.

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The spiders Henry discovers in the bathroom are black widows, a species notorious for its dangerous venomous bite that causes symptoms such as muscle pain, abdominal cramps and muscle cramps that can last from three to seven days. Interestingly, in “Very Strange Cases,” Max mentions that all of Vecna’s victims before her experienced the symptoms of his curse for seven days, the same time as the symptoms of the black widow bite last.

Vecna idolizes these spiders, reveling in how they “immobilize and feed on the weak,” inspiring his own method of killing his victims when he paralyzes them with vivid visions before finally killing them and showing them tied up in a web located in his ruined house inside. upside down. Vecna also uses the image of spiders to torment her victims in these preliminary nightmarish visions. His mother saw spiders crawling out of the drain in the bathtub. Chrissy, Vecna’s first new victim, sees them emerge from cracks in the grandfather clock. Later, Max’s potential victim steps on spider nests in Vecna’s inverted lair.

This is not the first time spiders have been used in “Very Strange Things.” In the second season, in the seventh episode “The Missing Sister”, Kali, also known as the Eighth, makes her friend think that he sees spiders, very similar to how Vecna conjures up visions of creatures. And throughout the third season, the physical incarnation of the Mind Catcher looks eerily like a spider. The recurring motif may be accidental, as the series simply uses a familiar horror image when spiders are considered scary. Or, perhaps, this is how all the events of “Very Strange Cases” are connected with the Age.

Vecna’s obsession with spiders throughout Volume 4 of Season 1 helps place “Very Strange Things” even deeper into the horror genre, but also gives the character a rich and frighteningly understandable backstory. Vecna/Odin/Henry feels rejected by the world, as do the spiders, and his bite is just as dangerous. And they are unlikely to disappear in the near future. Since two episodes of the fourth season have not yet been released, let alone the fifth and final season of the show, viewers can be sure that the creepy critters will show their faces again.