Why Vanderpump Rules’ Schwartz & Sandy’s Bar Will Thrive


The friendship of Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, in which the stars of “Vanderpump Rules” starred, defined the series, and now they are embarking on a new venture, Schwartz and Sandy’s bar. The audience was looking forward to the grand opening of the bar, and the soft launch did not disappoint them. Two best friends set high goals for themselves and are ready for a brilliant future in the hotel business.

Two Volumes have been the protagonists of Vanderpump Rules since its inception in 2013. Their budding romance began when both were models in Florida and lived with Jax Taylor. The two Bravo stars have always been inseparable, and fans loved the exchange of opinions between the dynamic duo. Despite the fact that Sandoval often seemed to be the author of the idea, Schwartz was very happy to play second fiddle and just agree. At the moment, two Volumes are about to start their new business, and fans can’t wait to try a cocktail or two.

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On July 19, the newest Toms Schwartz & Sandy’s bar opened for a private launch, according to The Daily Mail. Viewers first heard about the bar company during the 9th season, which aired back in 2021. Although people were delighted with another watering hole, not everyone liked the name. In fact, Katie Maloney (Schwartz’s ex) thought it sounded more like the name of a deli. Vanderpump Rules fans saw the new bar for the first time, and it seemed impressive to them. The interior was decorated with dark wood and neon lighting. The Miami Police atmosphere of the 1980s was noted, and the suits worn by the owners looked exactly the same. While starting a new business was a bit risky, the risk will probably pay off as Bravo viewers can flock to Hollywood’s newest bar.

Bravo enthusiasts like to visit new hot spots run by reality TV stars, mostly in the hope of meeting one of their favorite actors. The entire cast of “Vanderpump Rules” was at the opening and will definitely be shown in the new season. The Toms opened their first Tom Tom bar in West Hollywood back in 2018 with Lisa Vanderpump as a partner. This is a fashionable establishment, thanks to the show it brought a lot of income. Followers are proud of the two Volumes for the fact that they decided to develop on their own, and not rely on Lisa.

Famous Volumes were created for this business. Fans of Vanderpump Rules are confident that they will thrive thanks to their personalities, attractive appearance and business savvy. The cocktail bar is located in the village of Franklin, and eager fans are delighted. Sitting in comfortable booths, visitors can try a variety of drinks, including The Seriously Popular. which gets rave reviews.


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