Why Travis Barker May Have Tension with Courtney Mason’s Son


Travis Barker from the Kardashian family is the stepfather of Kourtney Kardashian’s three children, but he may not have an ideal relationship with Kourtney’s son, Mason Disick. Apparently, Penelope and Rain Disick have accepted the role of Travis in their lives. Since he is the first person to play this role, it is a big change for Disick’s children. However, Travis seems keen to be a parent of his three children and adopted children.

A lot changed when Travis appeared in the frame. For many years, the Disick kids have known drummer Blink-182 as Courtney’s neighbor and close friend. When Travis and Courtney started dating, he started spending more time with his family, and Scott Disick found it hard to accept the new dynamic. Scott spoke about his bitterness over the fact that Kourtney is dating Travis and feels excluded from the Kar-Jenner family. Insiders say that Disick’s children believed they were caught in the middle between their parents because of Scott’s resentment of Courtney and Travis.

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However, over the past year, fans have had the opportunity to see how well Travis gets along with Courtney’s two youngest children: Penelope, 9 years old, and Rain, 7 years old. a high school student, it may be harder for him to accept his new stepfather. On Father’s Day, Travis shared the handwritten Father’s Day cards he received from Penelope and Rain. “You are so sweet and kind,” Penelope wrote on a postcard captured by People. “You’re so amazing, you’re just a beast. You’re the best drummer in the world,” she added. She also noted how “happy” Travis makes her mom Courtney. “Happy Father’s Day. I love Penelope,” she wrote. The card had eight hand-drawn hearts at the bottom, as well as the word “family”. Eight hearts probably meant Courtney, Travis and their mixed family of six children.

On a separate postcard that Travis received from Rain, Courtney’s youngest son wrote: “Dear Travis, happy Father’s Day.” The Father’s Day cards were a nice gesture from Disick’s youngest children, but highlighted the missing card from Mason. Since he is the eldest child, he is very close to his father, Scott, and can share his father’s displeasure that Courtney was with Travis. Disick’s children attended Kravis’ lavish wedding in Portofino, Italy. After that, the children returned to Los Angeles to be with their father, while the Barker children stayed in Italy and toured the city with Courtney and Travis.

Travis’ children are teenagers, and sources say it was easy for them to accept Courtney as their stepmother. However, Courtney’s children are much younger, and their devotion to Scott may mean that they feel their father’s dislike for the new family dynamic. Let’s hope Scott accepts Travis’ role in his children’s lives. Kardashian fans are looking forward to Kourtney and Scott becoming friendly parent partners again.